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Who we are


Realized Potential Incorporated (RPI) was established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2016 by Darren White wanting to make a positive impact on the community by helping at risk youth and young adults make choices that improve their quality of life. 

We are committed to growing and adapting services to meet the ever changing needs of our clients.  Our goal is to provide comprehensive services aimed at enhancing personal and social responsibility, job preparedness and interpersonal skills which promote success.

In addition to RPI’s in-house programs and services, we have a successful track record partnering with agencies and organizations that help youth change distressing thoughts, feelings and behaviors and ultimately become whole and healthy individuals



Helping to remove roadblocks that prevent meaningful education and employment opportunities.


RPI is staffed by talented and dedicated counselors and service providers, bringing with them their educational background and exceptional experience in psychology, social work and human services.


Founder/Executive Director

Darren White


Darren White is the founder of Realized Potential Incorporated (RPI).  He oversees the organizations operations and maintains a network of resources of community based organizations serving high risk youth and young adults. Darren White has received countless awards and certifications including Violence Prevention Strategist, National Anger Management Certification, Restorative Justice Circle Award, Father Engagement Specialist, Alive and Free Prescription and the 2011 Civic Pride Award for Distinguished Community Service.  Mr. White is also a Certified International Life Coach.  Darren networks with other agencies to stay informed about services and resources.  He leads the mission of RPI.


Deputy Director

Jeffrey Wynton


Mr. Wynton worked in the legal profession for over twenty years and saw the heavy price the system extracts from the community.  In his role as Deputy Director, Jeffrey partners closely with the Executive Director to chart RPI's future growth and strategic response to an ever-increasing demand for the organization’s services, communicating RPI's mission to donors and all levels of the organization.  He oversees programs, connects RPI with corporate opportunities and provides legal support.

Community Outreach Director

Scott C. Blake


Scott focuses on funding and business development, contact with community members and raising awareness of issues by going out into communities speaking with people at risk.  These issues range from employment and continuing education to gang violence and AIDS prevention.  He oversees the planning and development of workshops, programs, junior staff members and volunteers.  Scott serves as a liaison between other organizations within the community that share similar goals.  Scott Blake has dedicated his life to community outreach through educating, advocating and delivering prevention messages to at risk youth and young adults and working with marginalized groups including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth.

Job Developer

Johnnie JD Jenkins


Johnnie is responsible for job placement and job training services, including career assessments, resume writing, interview skills and the use of the internet for job searches.  He works cooperatively within the community contacting employers, business owners, career planning agencies and schools, to fit the right person with the right job.



  • Douglass Cobb, M.S.

  • Lobart Totty


Doug and Lobart work as part of a team of counselors, therapists, social workers and other professionals who facilitate group and individual counseling sessions, develop treatment plans, present educational lectures, assess treatment plans, and make recommendations to outside resources.  As counselors, they build up client self-confidence, improve their educational prospects and show them how to trust and share – which ultimately translates into well-adjusted people with bright, positive futures.


Douglass Cobb holds a M.S. in Education in Mental Health Counseling from University of Miami and a B.A. in Psychology from University of California at Berkeley.  Doug also served as Commissioner for the Berkeley Mental Health Commission.


National Institute for Criminal Justice

David Muhammad

West Oakland Job Resource Center

Joyce Guy

Berkeley Organizing Congregations for Action (BOCA)

Reverend Daniel Bufford

Lao Family Community Development, Inc

JD Jenkins

Our Partnerships
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