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What we do


Our Mission

RPI cares and it is our mission to provide positive programs and resources to improve the lives of under-served youth and adults.

We offer distinct programs and classes that help remove roadblocks that prevent meaningful education and employment opportunities.  Utilizing over 25 years of community programs experience to assist clients in overcoming the challenges of urban disenfranchisement and placing them on the path to personal growth and development.


Become A Mentor

We develop and deliver educational and developmental programs that equip disadvantaged  and at risk youth with the skills they need to lead positive and productive lives.


Programs and Services

RPI provides the following services:

  • Life Skills training

  • Educational workshops and seminars

  • Employment services

  • Certified Anger Management therapy

  • Counseling and Conflict Resolution

  • Confronting Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking

  • Contract Compliance


RPI is now certified to do the following workshops:

  • Trauma 101

  • Human Trafficking 101

  • Anti Sex Trafficking and

  • Life Coaching


We can do group and individual life coaching sessions addressing self-care, trauma and stress reduction. Corporations and agencies who utilize our services will reduce employee absences and increase productivity.

In addition, we have developed a strong network of partners and licensed professionals to provide training, placement in vocational training programs and college preparation counseling. 

Internship and training opportunities are available for a wide variety of fields, including Green Build where students learn to use eco-friendly materials in construction.

Why Contract Compliance:  Many cities, counties, and other public agencies have adopted local hiring or first source hiring policies to leverage their public works and community development resources to increase employment opportunities for their residents.  This assures that the projects reach a percentage goal requiring that a certain number of hours on the project are performed by local residents.

This is an attempt to assure that the local community benefits from development in their area and gains access to the opportunity provided by entry into the construction and other trades.

Assuring that the contractors and developers comply with this policy and letting the local community know of these opportunities is commonly referred to as “contract compliance”.  

Through a series of strategic partnerships with the unions and local agencies and continued outreach to the contractors and the community, RPI has the ability to implement these programs to the benefit of the community, contractors and trade unions.


Social Impact

Anticipated outcomes of our programs and services:

  • Increase employment rates through job skills

  • Increase social and emotional well-being

  • Decrease the influx of young men entering into the practice and business of sexual exploitation

  • Reduce recidivism and crime in the community

  • Connect participants to community based organizations that can provide necessary services

  • Create successful transitions into adulthood

  • Improve overall community

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